Happy Clients Include

Forging Founders into Champions of Sales 

We help startups go from initial pilots to mature and scaleable sales models to hit their investor milestones

Improve Process

Setup and improve  sales processes to improve tracking and metrics

Acquire Customers

Hands-on support to train sales teams, get on sales calls, and close deals

Find Your Niche

Help founders find the best niche where they can scale their customer base

Startup Sales is Hard

Make it Easier with Experienced Founders

Hitting investor sales milestones is a challenge. Finding the right clients, the right pitch, and the right process requires iterations. Entrepreneurs typically struggle in three main stages:

Finding initial clients to join a beta or proof of concept for the product

Building an initial sales process that the first sales people can follow

Growing sales after a fundraising round to keep investors happy

Client Case Studies

Wireless Zone (Retail Startup)

Challenge: Founder purchased a wireless retail store and needed to grow its sales.

Solution: Created a sales process and trained sales reps to improve revenue per customer.

Result: Increased revenue per customer by 30% with accessory and warranty sales. Overall programs grew sales by over $600K in yearly revenue.

Challenge: Founders completed beta and needed a sales process to gain new leads.

Solution: Setup the CRM, email campaigns, and cold call campaigns to acquire the initial sales leads.

Result: Built a pipeline over 50 universities that resulted in the first three clients including the University of Delaware.

Perfect Burpee (Fitness Startup)

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Iterating Together to Make it Work

The 133 Innovation team brings experience from running and advising over 30 startups. We have faced all of the common challenges, built scalable processes, and worked with difficult investors. Work with us as advisors or in a hand-on fashion to speed up your growth.

HeliumIQ (EdTech Startup)

Challenge: Founders need to sell enough pre-orders to purchase a shipment from Asia.

Solution: Developed a sales strategy using Kickstarter, email campaigns, and facebook to gain initial pre-orders

Result: Funded the Kickstarter in 7 days. Sold over 400 orders in the 30 day of the campaign, enough for the initial shipment.

How We Help

1. Sales Process Audit

2. Sales Coach and Training

3. Fractional Sales Executive

The most common reason sales teams fail is due to lack of repeatable process.

We help your team review your existing sales process and setup an optimal sales process including defining roles, picking tools, and reviewing copy.

Founders are often the best people to sell in the early stages. However, not all founders are born salespeople.

We work with founders and early sales teams to develop the right processes and habits. We will even join sales calls to provide feedback. 

Finding and hiring sales talent is often difficult an expensive. The best sales people already have jobs or want huge base salaries.

We help startups as fractional sales executives in the early stages by providing sales talent on a part-time basis.

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